About Us


Hello, my name is Theresa Lamble, an Ofsted Registered Childminder. Perpetual Childcare Limited was founded in October 2006 and I pride myself in still creating and capturing smiles for our local babies and toddlers.  I love to vary activities so it keeps our minds active and engaged.  Raising the next generation well is important to me and you will see in the children’s faces and the photos that I capture to share with you that this is achieved every day. Tracking baseline development to enable me to work alongside the families with the children’s next individual developmental steps via the Babydays software system which gives you 24/7 password protected access. Being a home based childminder, I can also be flexible with play days out of the house, to Nature Reserves, library, woods for bug hunting or general play in the local play areas. Including community visits to local amenities.