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Didcot Childminder Childminder
Sandra & Darren

Seren enjoys eating her lunch amongst friends as well as having dinner 'dates' with other children. She enjoys collecting and pouring play, mainly water but more recently Theresa has introduced seeds, which the children play with then leave for the birds. She embraces the topics and activities, in the past few months we've heard about The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Eggy Heads. She loved keeping an eye on the growing cress in the egg shells then bringing it home to eating. the potato plants were also a big hit and a talking point for weeks!


Theresa is a very important person for our family; Seren enjoys her company and is learning an enormous amount from being in Theresa's care, we feel that this has been, and continues to be an integral part in Seren's development. 


We have used Theresa as a childminder for both children over three years. We have been extremely satisfied with the care provided. Theresa provides a safe environment and takes care of our individual needs, and has been very supportive when needed to change the hours and arranging an essential nursery pick up. There is also plenty going on, and the age appropriate activities are fantastic, whether that is digging potatoes or drawing butterlfies. My daughter will miss her so much when she starts school in September, she has been fantastic with Caitlin. So just to sum, we are extremely happy and grateful for the wonderful care that has been provided. 

Tom & Nicola

Henry has been in Theresa's care from 9 months and Harrision from 6 months and during this time both have grown into happy and confident young men. Theresa has played a huge part in their development and has given them guidance in manners, responsibility, sharing and of course play time. I would highly recommend Theresa as a childminder and have found her to be trustworthy, helpful, competent, concientious and confident in her abilities. 


My wife and I both work full time and have been able to do so because we know Henry and Harrison enjoy their time at Theresa's, and look forward to going each day. They have enjoyed growing vegetables, hatching butterflies, and numerous other activities that have been organised for their benefit. 


Denis has had potty training at home and in the prior 8 months of his last nursery he refused to go without his nappies. But from the first week of visiting your day care, he has began using the toilet. The same things can also be seen with his usage of please and since the first week at your day care he has began using it and has become very polite. Denis has also become very happy and has lost his anger which he used to have when he used to return from the nursery he used to go to. I wish to thank you for ingraining these positive changes in him.

Ben & Lydia

Thank you so much for a great year for Keziah. She is always happy to come to you & even sometimes wants to when she shouldn't. She always seems to have a lovely time & it's great going to work knowing that she is being well cared for. We've also really appreciated your flexibility.

Blanka & Peter

We cannot thank you enough for taking good care of Bercel! He has flourished at your place! We wish that we could take you with us. We will miss you so much. We still might invite you to birthday parties if thats okay. I'm sure Bercel would love to see you. Lots of love Bercel, Blanka, Peter.

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